Services and Tariffs


POSHTA EXPRESS engages in various kinds of international deliveries, one of them being parcel delivery to Ukraine.

Poshta Express is the official representative of Ukraine Express.

Together with Ukraine Express we provide quality and reliable service delivery of goods, packages, parcels and other goods door-to-door.

All shipments delivered by sea and air services.

We provide transportation services for almost all kinds of goods from the United States. This can be a small box, a letter as well as high-volume transport such as cars, boats, appliances, and building materials.

Transportation by Sea

Transportation by sea is easy, very reliable and is the most cost-efficient way to deliver cargo.

Shipping is $ 0.99 for 1lb of weight (454g) plus $ 15 delivery to Ukraine (Western Districts cost $ 10).

Delivery time estimates from 28 to 42 days.

Maximum accepted weight of one parcel - 70lb

Minimum chargeable weight-10lb

Transportation by Air

Transportation by air is the quickest and most efficient way to transport cargo.

Shipping costs $ 2.89 for 1lb of weight (454g) plus $ 15 delivery to Ukraine (Western Regions cost $ 10).

Delivery times estimate between 10 and 14 days.

Maximum weight of the parcel -70 lb

The minimum chargeable weight 10 lb 


Purchase of goods from the U.S. 

For customers residing in Ukraine, we offer a service for the purchase and delivery of goods from the United States. With our help, you can order and receive products from online stores of America, without leaving home. If you cannot pay by yourself, we can assist you and redeem the goods for you.This service is exclusively for our loyal customers and is intended to assist in the purchase of goods in U.S. stores. More on the page-“Ukrainian customers”.