For clients residing in Ukraine.




For customers outside of the U.S., our company provides our address for delivery to use for shipping your purchases in the United States (a service for those who do their shopping in American stores on their own). We also provide storage of goods in our warehouse, repackaging service, followed by transport and package’s further delivery to any address in Ukraine. We repackage goods according to your wishes, providing packaging needed for safe international transport. You order and delivery of goods from different shops in the US-we combine them neatly into one box, which helps get rid of excess packaging material, and then deliver to designated Ukrainian address.


To ensure that your purchases have been profitable, and you are comfortable working with us, we offer our clients: 


1.The use of our address - FREE

2. Receiving and storing packages-deliveries in our warehouse - FREE

3. Combining several parcels into one - FREE

4. Processing packages for entry into the warehouse premises - FREE

5. Storing goods in our warehouse up to 3 months - FREE

6. Separation into several packages, if the value of the goods is not more than the permissible norm - FREE

7. Removing checks or invoices - FREE

8. Repackaging - price negotiable

9. Pictures - $ 3 for each photo

10. Removing shoe boxes - price negotiable

11. If you are waiting for discounts or discount codes, (for example, GYMBUCK$) please inform us in advance and we will send them to you.

12. "Black bag" - Your purchase will be packed in tight package (or numerous), which will keep things safe and/or dry, if the box gets wet in any way. - $ 3


Shipping cost in Ukraine: *

We have a single price, which includes transportation and delivery of such goods: clothing, footwear, auto parts, toys, household goods ... 


Transportation by Sea:

In Kiev - $ 7 per kg.

In all other regions of Ukraine - $ 7.50 per kg.

Minimum postage - $ 25



Transportation by Air:

In Kiev - $ 3.08 per kg.,

In all other regions of Ukraine - $ 3.52 

Minimum postage - $ 16


* Prices are valid for customers residing outside the U.S. and regularly use our services to obtain our address and of goods from U.S. online stores. 


Transporting and delivering electronics and accessories including, electrical appliances and tools, jewelry, cosmetics, musical instruments, watches, glasses, sports equipment, foodstuffs, commercial consignments are carried out with the payment of 10% of the value of goods. But before purchasing it is best to check with the manager.

These things are sent to you for the price of 1 kg which was set by the region plus 10% of the value of the goods that are being transported.

Pay attention!

If you send in one package and it does not exceed the minimal cost of delivery, the price of such parcels will be $25 + 10% of the cost of things.

Charging  10% for brokerage services is taken from the invoice amount, excluding discounts, gift certificates and various coupon discounts. Invoice Price includes delivery within the U.S. (shipping), sales tax (tax). If the client's invoice is questionable or a potentially false value, the calculation can be from 20% to 30% of the market value of the goods. Appeals and complaints about the cost of brokerage services are not accepted when the invoice was not attached to the tracking number. In this case, charges will be used for the market value of the goods.

Tariffs and demand payment of brokerage services for the goods you are interested in are better checked with the manager by emailing: 


We invite organizers of joint purchases, store owners, retail stores, service stations and service centers, small wholesale companies and traders to work with us.  

With suggestions and questions please e-mail, and we will contact you within 24 hours after receiving your message.