Delivery Rules

Company Poshta Express accepts and delivers parcels sent abroad only to persons.

We can deliver products that are freely sold in the United States, and which are not prohibited by international shipment.


When sending parcels it is important to make sure that inside are not prohibited items: weapons, drugs, psychotropic or explosives, flammable or other dangerous substances which are all not permitted by the "Universal Postal Convention" and the national legislation of the country of origin and country of destination. Failure to comply with rules in sending parcels may cause our company to bring the perpetrators to administrative or criminal responsibility, both in the country of origin as well as the receiving country.


Customs Regulations

• It is possible to send products for personal use, that are not commercial products, if the total amount does not exceed 150 Euros and total weight does not exceed 70lbs, without paying custom fees.

• The Customs Declaration CN23 is particularly important, on which customs clearance depends and allows package to pass across the border safely and in a timely fashion. The customs declaration must be filled in completely according to the instructions, inventory should be described in a detailed manner: the names of objects: the quantity of each item, their cost. Describing objects in a general manner on the customs declaration (i.e. using common expressions) is not permitted. Moreover such parcels will give cause to be carefully opened and scanned, which leads to longer delivery times of the package(s).  

The customs declaration as well as accompanying must be filled out legibly in ink or ballpoint pen in the following order:

- Name and surname (in the nominative case) of person shipping as well as persons receiving

- The street name, house number, apartment (of person shipping as well as persons receiving)

- The name of the village, district, region or city (of person shipping as well as persons receiving)

- Postcode/Zip Code (of person shipping as well as persons receiving)

- Country of destination

-Contact telephone number (of person shipping as well as persons receiving)


• Clearly written information accompanying the documents and packaging parcels in strict accordance with these instructions will ensure their timely delivery.

*Our company is not responsible for packages not delivered on time in cases that are not in our control: climate catastrophes, political issues and customs control.


*During Ukrainian holidays, it may be likely that packages may or may not be delivered in timely fashion due to company closings in Ukraine. This is a reflection of Ukraine and therefore we are not responsible for late package deliveries in these cases. 

Forbidden Items 

Firearms, alarms, air, gas, ammunition, cold (including propellant) and electric shock devices and spark gaps, as well as major parts of firearms

Drugs and drugs of any origin, psychotropic substances

radioactive substances

Gunpowder, explosives, corrosives, flammable or other dangerous substances

Drugs, supplements, vitamins

Animals and Plants

Food. Alcohol, cigarettes

Human remains and organs


Jewelery, precious stones and metals


Money and financial documents in any form: money orders, checks, vouchers, securities, bonds, coupons, promotions, credit cards

postage stamps

Articles and publications and obscene content; pornography in all forms


Items prohibited worldwide with  association of transport.

Objects which by their nature or packaging can be dangerous for workers transporting parcels.

  Additional limitations for packages in Transportation by Air:

Sparklers and fireworks

Gases in any package, capsicum and tear gas, pepper spray

Flammable liquids, perfumes, colognes, nail polish, etc.

Any fuel and empty containers

Paint products, all paints and solvents to them

radioactive materials

anticorrosive agent

pipe cleaners

Oxygen-rich substances

Containers with aerosols

Cylinders for scuba diving

Propane tanks

CO2 capacity (Carbon dioxide capacity)

Weapons and ammunition


dry ice

Instruments operating on fuel

Lighters and lighter fluids


Batteries, power supplies,

Substances containing alcohol, perfume, nail polish and hair products


Alcoholic drinks